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Nasir [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)

If your looking for the physical version it’s available at:

Here’s the whoop di scoop (Peace to Kanye). “Nasir” is the kind of album a fan who actually cares for the person behind the music would appreciate. What I mean by that is if you’re trying to impress that homeboy who swears that stripper who complimented him is in love (while a track that sounds like the artist is having an aneurism mumble softly in the background). This album probably wasn’t meant for you. Maybe you have a good head on your shoulder (and amazing music taste), but for some reason, this doesn’t feel like those last three “Run The Jewelz” projects. The thing with that is Killer Mike & El-P are aggressive. The group name lets us know what their about (You’re supposed to get the feeling that their dropping jewels a.k.a. knowledge while your being jacked for your Jesus piece). I know I know there’s a pistol to your temple, but focus on the knowledge dummy. The production compliments their aggression which makes it easy to bump, and we get lyricism on top of that. Nas isn’t going to change who he is just to please the fans. I feel as if whenever he’s inspired he’s going to drop something, & it will be done with conviction in his own way.


Nas goes for a more calm, militant direction. “Nasir” isn’t the type of album you blast in your ride. I got something different out of this. This album reminds me of that cool OG that’s speaking to you on a level that no other so-called “role model” could. A personal conversation. I think he’s trying to reach the youth in a simpler way. This generation isn’t so accepting of multi-syllable fast rap lyricism, especially if your intent was to reach their heart. I hear people saying Tupac wasn’t lyrical because he doesn’t incorporate complex wordplay. Current hip-hop fans that are more into lyrics, because of artists like Kendrick Lamar, & J.Cole will appreciate “Nasir” more. The lyrics are straight to the point so it’s more easily accessible to the masses, and it still feels overwhelming (in a good way). I’m not saying that artists like Tupac think the fans are slow, I believe it’s just the best approach for their particular mission. I personally think it’s genius when a person can summarize a powerful message in a way that’s universal.

When Nas drops an album I expect each one to be different. The main focus should always be the lyricism (he mentions that on the track “Simple Things”). I think fans have been spoiled so much we forget that with each album the artist has grown as a human being. The subject matter from “Illmatic” (gritty) when he was fresh off the block, a visionary’s point of view, to ‘It Was Written” (grimy as hell throughout then ending with a hopeful “If I Ruled The World” with Lauryn Hill was perfect) it almost felt like he’s explaining how he got his feet wet to actually living those things he prophesized. I see Nas painting a lost soul that almost got caught up, yet was smart enough to realize when to leave it behind. I always pictured “Illmatic” and “It Was Written” as a double disc showing us how a particular environment can shape a person.


[picture from my own collection. Insert from the “Illmatic XX” 20th Year Anniversary edition]

Nas’s album “I Am” had a great dedication to Tupac, & Biggie (We Will Survive). The album was made after two huge losses in the hip-hop world. “I Am” also had radio hits that kept him in the greatest MC’s list (‘Nas is Like’ produced by DJ Premier). I don’t know much else except that it was cool to me. The storytelling on tracks like “Small World” was amazing, also a Scarface (Brad Jordan) feature which is a blessing I’m sure, cause they both highly respect each other. “Nastradamus” had a futuristic feel to it, maybe not the most well-balanced (favorite tracks: Project Window ft. Ronald Isley, Last Words ft. Nashawn, Family ft. Mobb Deep, & God Love Us). “Lost Tapes” dropped to shut the critics punk ass up (amazing compilation of tracks that never made it on his past albums).

Of course, “Stillmatic”(Over polished/beautiful production, I still felt his pain all over it) was during his beef with that guy that decided to drop his new album with his wife recently. “God’s Son” was when he was reflecting on his mothers passing that drove him to throw a bit more shots at that one guy (I got love for Jay-Z too by the way “Reasonable Doubt” is no joke). My favorite track off “God’s Son” is “Get Down”, & “Heaven” which is severely underrated. Streets Disciple ( this album started a path towards a more mature sounding Nas), “Hip-Hop is Dead”, “Untitled”, & “Life is Good” all have their own unique feel that can’t be duplicated.

“Distant Relatives” was a beautiful collaboration with Damien Marley that deserved more praise. The album was filled with so much soulful, introspective tracks that made me feel a calm. A light-hearted feel, still with enough darkness to give it that edge we need. Similar to “Distant Relatives” I felt a calm on “Nasir” once the last track “Simple Things” came on. I love the intro track “Not For Radio” with Diddy doing what Diddy does (reminded me of him on “My Downfall” with Biggie ft. DMC) that gets you ready for the track called “Cops Shot The Kid” I thought it was a great transition. The rest of album is full of knowledge, soul, great vocals by The-Dream, Tony Williams, dope guest verses by Kanye, & Ye’s production on this album fits perfectly. I’ll mention it again “Simple Things” was a great way to end the album.

“Nasir” should be slowly digested to appreciate it. I can tell Nas was going for a timeless project. This album fits in with the rest of his catalog with no problem. I loved it. Dope.

Nas {Full Discography}

  1. Illmatic [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


2. It Was Written [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


3. I Am… [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


4. Nastradamus [Explicit] (CD version: Ebay store)


5. The Lost Tapes [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


6. Stillmatic [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


7. God’s Son [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


8. Street’s Disciple [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


9. Hip Hop Is Dead (Bonus Track) (Digital Version: Amazon)


10. Untitled (Digital Version: Amazon)


11. Distant Relatives [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


12. Life Is Good (Deluxe Version) [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


13. Nasir [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)

Bonus: Greatest Hits/Remix/Anniversary Editions)

14. Illmatic: Live from the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


15. Illmatic XX [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


16. The Essential Nas [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


17. From Illmatic To Stillmatic The Remixes [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


18. Greatest Hits [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


19. Nas & Ill Will Records Presents Queensbridge the album [Explicit] (Digital Version: Amazon)


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